The trouble is the way we teach math does not speak to everybody. Students are traditionally forced to learn math using pen and paper, while trying to manipulate equations and rules they do not yet understand. Simplifying math down to intuitive core concepts is vital to a student’s success in advanced mathematics.

That’s where Figure comes in.

We love math… go figure!


The founders of Figure Math developed the idea for Figure while doing research in theoretical physics. Exploring the intricacies of cosmology, particle theory, and quantum mechanics requires long calculations, and they were frustrated by the lack of modern tools to meet their needs. What they were really looking for was a tool that allowed them to simply explore equations — a tool with all the benefits of pen-and-paper, but with calculational sophistication of a modern computer-based algebra system. They quickly realized their students needed the same type of tool. They looked around for something to suit these needs, but couldn’t find it. In short, they were looking for Figure… but it didn’t exist yet. So, they built it.