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Ace Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 in one easy step:

Download figure!

Ace Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 in one easy step:

Download figure!

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Enter custom problems into Figure, and learn to solve them with a simple drag-and-drop! Figure is math for the right side of the brain, making this algebra learning app fun!



Understand the rules before you memorize them. Become a 21st century learner!



You use technology everyday. Why not for math? Figure controls are easy to get the hang of.



Everything you do on Figure is mathematically correct. So there’s no fear of failure!

I really like it because I can rearrange and solve for equations easily, without worrying about silly mistakes. And.. it’s fun!
Sarah*, Fairview High School

Figure is good for those who need help visualizing things and experimenting with math!

Jake*, Fairview High School

Super easy to use and great for learning in classes and trying to understand the concept.

Sydney*, Boulder Valley School District

Figure helped me to understand what I was doing while doing it.

Katie*, Fairview High School

You should use Figure because it has interesting animations and is good for visualizing what is going on in algebra!

Tom*, Fairview High School
3/4 students say algebra made more sense with Figure
95% of students would recommend Figure to a friend

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