Position: Full Stack Web Developer

Location: Denver/Boulder CO

Send inquiries to: jobs@figuremath.com

Job Description/ Why We’re Hiring

We are looking for an experienced Full Stack Web Developer to join us in developing our web app, Figure, into a comprehensive mathematics platform. This role requires the experience to produce clean, structured code efficiently as well the organizational skills to work effectively with a small team of developers. 

Our company mission is to revolutionize the way we do math. Our product Figure, is a comprehensive modern mathematics system for students and professionals to effortlessly explore and and solve complex equations through a simple and artful interface, elegant design, and powerful math engine. You can learn more at www.figuremath.com. You will be play an integral part in creating an entirely new way of doing math.

We are in a rare situation as a nicely-funded startup with aggressive but achievable goals. Our company has capital to execute through all of 2020, based on National Science Foundation (NSF) grants and private investment. We have spent several years on R&D and have a solid current code base and a live product on the market. In the next twelve months we are fleshing out the product into a comprehensive mathematics platform. We are concentrating on revenue generation from schools, school districts, and industry partners as we do it.

You’ll be working initially alongside three other developers, collaborating daily on the various layers of the infrastructure. For the first few months, the development plan is outlined and well documented. The goal during this phase is to execute tasks diligently and efficiently. Beyond this, the ideal candidate will take a more active role in the planning, decision making, and management process.

Anticipated activities in the next 12 months:

  • Assist and participate in the agile development process
  • Employ web UI front-end frameworks, back-end frameworks, and lightweight databases to build out a consumer-grade web app around the existing best-in-class math learning capability
  • Follow wireframes to build front end UI for student/teacher dashboard
  • Construct backend communication layer and structure database for saving user data
  • Implement GDPR and CCPA compliant privacy practices in all aspects of web app
  • Integrate the current Figure equation-builder functionality as a web component, interfacing with our WebGL/WebAssembly version of the existing Unity/C# app
  • Integrate cloud-based services for functionality like login & permissions, commerce, billing, payment, and analytics
  • Ensure the web app scales nicely to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent users
  • Implement event-based networking for classroom management features
  • Build realtime communication layer to facilitate math communication between clients
  • Develop and manage APIs for deploying Figure into third party web-applications, such as online tutoring platforms and classroom management systems. 

Skills and expertise required:

  • History of successfully implementing quality, scalable Full Stack web apps
  • Hands on experience with back-end tooling (ex: Node, Knex, Express)
  • Hands on experience with database tooling (ex: PostrgreSQL, Firebase)
  • Understanding and implementation of cloud deployment platforms (ex: Heroku, AWS)
  • Understanding and implementation of data security and privacy
  • Experience with defining and maintaining API’s for web-based applications
  • Experience working in an agile development team
  • Experience with realtime web app communications (ex: WebSockets or similar APIs) (optional)

Looking forward to hearing from you! We expect to fill this job soon, so don’t miss out. Qualified candidates send your CV and a brief description of who you are and why you are interested to: jobs@figuremath.com.